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Erth-13 Event Guide

Erth-13 is a limited time gamemode for erth2 which takes place in a mysterious world that no erthling was meant to visit. The rewards for the gamemode are limited time halloween skins which are obtained from winning.The gamemode will last until January 7th 2023.


You will spawn in several locations around the map, and your obejctive is to find enemy camps (usually around the corners of the map) and kill them to collect erthium, a rare material that powers a generator. Take the erthium to the generator, which is marked by a purple square on the map, to power it up and advance to the next stage. You have 7 minutes to complete each stage. An immortal mob, the Red Void, slowly moves around the map towards the closest player. You will have to keep your distance from it to survive. The immortal is marked with a crown symbol on the map.


Strategy is an important aspect in winning the game. It is recommended that you play with friends to have the best chance of winning. Make sure you also keep track of the immortal. Keep in mind that the more players there are, the more mobs will spawn.


Upon completing the final stage, you will be rewarded with christmas crates. You will gain a christmas crate if you are in the game when you advance from stage 3, 4, and 5, which should result in 3 crates total. Christmas crates give limited time skins which are shown below.

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2022